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Discover the unrevealed beauty of the Bulgarian women

Discover the unrevealed beauty of the Bulgarian women
12.12.2015 Диян Михайлов
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I am a fast growing young photographer with many ideas and unyielding spirit. My photography is like a song without words. Just tune in which, if you listen long enough you’ll discover something new every time. While I am working on my project „Under the spotlight of the photographer“ a new idea came to my mind.Instead of shooting women separate and have interviewed their respective thoughts and feelings without apparent connection between them, it would be better if I photograph a community of women and understand their individual thoughts and feelings about the collective whole, and their place in society.


WHAT TO EXPECT:  Beautiful women

The aim of this project is to create my first e-book with photographic and journalistic elements. In this book, each of twenty beautiful Bulgarian women will pose in three different phases with three photographs each. That sum up to 180 photographs and 20 interviews of the women. The e-book will be around 220 pages.

The phases will be:

1. Understanding – Three artistic photographs showing their individuality.

2. Trust – Three artistic photographs with underwear revealing their desires.

3. Disclosure – Three artistic nude photographs showing their essence.

And the final phase is not photographic but journalistic.

4. Confession – Interview which reveal their feelings and thoughts about the society in which they live and their place in it.

Маркетинг. Технологии. Уиндсърф. Съосновател на - платформата за продажби през онлайн чат, основател на Product Tank Sofia - общността на хората занимаващи се с продуктов мениджмънт в България.

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