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Kickstarter: Infinite Collision Playing Cards Deck

Kickstarter: Infinite Collision Playing Cards Deck
15.12.2015 Диян Михайлов
Kickstarter playing deck
The Infinite Collision „Playing Cards Deck“ is a graphic design collaboration project aiming to reveal a fascinating universe of ever evolving styles through the eyes of some of Bulgaria’s most talented designers and artists.

The „Playing Cards Deck“ is a compilation of 55 unique playing cards, each one designed by a different designer or artist. The participants have been given full freedom to express their own unique style through the interpretation of their chosen card. The deck thus presents you with a kaleidoscope of design styles ranging from illustration, 3D art, concept drawings, typography, to character design and many more.

Маркетинг. Технологии. Уиндсърф. Съосновател на - платформата за продажби през онлайн чат, основател на Product Tank Sofia - общността на хората занимаващи се с продуктов мениджмънт в България.

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