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Sofroniev – Architectural Landmark Luxury Shoes

Sofroniev – Architectural Landmark Luxury Shoes
11.12.2015 Диян Михайлов

„Sofroniev“ is an innovative company created with the idea to produce goods, seen from an unusual angle, but in conformity with the well-known classic. We believe that the unconventional look at the visited places, combined with the familiar, classic-looking product will enable people to combine the memory of the place with their daily life. This combination is the secret of our business philosophy.


The founder of the company is Ludmil Sofroniev. His grandfather Sofron Pavlov was a saddler and was also engaged in shoe repairing. As a child, Ludmil Sofroniev was often with him and together they spent a long time. Somewhere at that time, the idea about his own product was born.

Маркетинг. Технологии. Уиндсърф. Съосновател на - платформата за продажби през онлайн чат, основател на Product Tank Sofia - общността на хората занимаващи се с продуктов мениджмънт в България.

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