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The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project
03.10.2017 boris

Freedom’ is a collection of 30 images, capturing intangible emotion through the physicality of both the body and its surroundings. Each image is a study of a woman, exposed within her private space, where she is free to reveal her true, unrestrained self, for that sole moment unaffected by the constraints routinely imposed on her by societal restrictions. The photographs capture female nudity in its purest form – sensual, effortless, wild and above all else superior.

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What the author of the campaign says about it?

„My name is Alex Manchev, I am a fine art photographer capturing the wildness, raw beauty and freedom of female nudity. My photographic series entitled The Freedom Project strive to empower women. I wish to break away from many dogmas and stereotypes that have been built into our concept of community.

I had a serious health condition several years ago. I received a second chance by receiving a kidney transplant. Then I’ve made a decision to life my live in a way that will contribute to positive changes in people’s hearts, minds and perceptions.

I’m a feminist. I see women not as a sexual object but as a form of art and as the goddess of creation. It’s my dream to make an exhibition and try to change the way society as a whole sees and perceives women, their bodies and souls. I want to change the norms of society that define what it is like to be a woman.

To make this exhibition possible I need funds for the framing and printing of my photographs. So I decided to turn to you. I hope that you’ll like my work and support my mission. And if you do, I’m kindly asking you to fund it by purchasing one of the perks and help my dream come true in 2017.“

Проектът на български:

Freedom’ е колекция от 30 изображения, които показват емоция чрез физиологията на тялото и средата около него. Всяко изображение показва жена в своето лично пространство, където е свободна да бъде себе си и да не бъде в ограниченията, наложени от обществото. Снимките показват женската голота в най-чиста форма – нежна, непринудена, дива и превъзхождаща.

Линк към краудфъндинг кампанията.

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